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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I need when I make a reservation?

Ensure you have complete trip information which includes the pick-up & drop-off times and a complete address for your pick-up and drop-off locations.

What areas do we service?

All of Lee, Hendry, Glades and portions of Collier County.

How do I become eligible for service?

You must fill out an application to be eligible for service.  You must be qualified under the Transportation Disadvantaged Trust Fund.

How early do I need to be ready for my pick-up?

You must be ready when your bus arrives.  You should be ready at least 1 hour prior to your pick-up because our drivers are on a scheduled route and waiting for passengers causes everyone after you to be late.  Drivers will only wait 5 minutes for you.

What type of places can I go with Good Wheels?

Currently, in Lee County we are only providing transportation to medical appointments under the Transportation Disadvantaged program.  In Hendry and Glades Counties, there are currently no restrictions on where you can go under the Transportation Disadvantaged program.

Do you run any kind of fixed route system for the general public?

Yes, our ClewBelle Route goes from Clewiston to Belle Glade and back to Clewiston. It is $1 each way per person.

If I am a first time user of Good Wheels, how do I know when the driver is there for me?

Our drivers provide door to door service. The driver will knock on your door and assist you to the vehicle at both your home and the destination.

What is the typical time frame for pick-ups from home and from my destination?

You will be scheduled to be picked up 1 hour prior to your appointment and 1 hour after your appointment.  Please allow a 15 minute window on either side.