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Good Wheels, Inc.
10075 Bavaria Road
Fort Myers, FL 33913


Office: (239) 768-2900
Toll Free: 1-800-741-1570
Fax: (239) 768-6187


Voice: 1-800-955-8770
TTY: 1-800-955-8771

Contacts by Department

DepartmentPhone NumberFax Number
Advertising239-768-2900 ext. 208239-768-9528
Accounts Payable239-768-2900 ext. 231239-768-9528
Accounts Receivable239-768-2900 ext. 231239-768-9528
Charters239-768-2900 ext. 203239-768-9528
Customer Service239-768-2900 ext. 228239-768-9528
Dispatch239-768-2900 ext. 200 or 201239-768-9528
Human Resources239-768-2900 ext. 231239-768-9528
Maintenance & Repairs239-768-6183239-768-9528
Reservations/Eligibility239-768-2900 ext. 223239-768-9528
Safety239-768-2900 ext. 210239-768-9528

Online Forms

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Name of FormIn PDF
Employment ApplicationEmployment Application in PDF
Lee County Application for Eligibility
Lee County Application in PDF
Hendry/Glades County Application for Eligibility
Hendry/Glades Application in PDF
Spanish Application for Eligibility
Spanish Application in PDF
Paratransit Customer Service SurveySurvey in English – PDF
Survey in Spanish – PDF
Compliment FormCompliment Form in PDF
Complaint FormComplaint Form in PDF