• Good Wheels... here to help | Transportation for the Disadvantaged and Disabled | Southwest Florida

Transportation for the Disabled, Disadvantaged & Private Pay

  • Meeting the door-to-door transportation needs of the disabled, disadvantaged and elderly in Southwest Florida.

  • Community Transportation Coordinator (CTC) and major transportation provider for the Transportation Disadvantaged in Lee, Hendry, Glades and portions of Collier County.

  • The major transportation provider for Medicaid in Lee, Hendry, Glades and portions of Collier County.

How It Works

Transportation for the Disabled | Disadvantaged and the Elderly | Southwest Florida | Good Wheels


You must first determine which program you are eligible for. If you would like to pay for services out of pocket, skip to Step 3 and make a reservation.

Transportation for the Disabled | Disadvantaged and the Elderly | Southwest Florida | Good Wheels


Please complete and submit our Transportation Determination Form. A Good Wheels representative will get back in touch with you regarding approval.

Transportation for the Disabled | Disadvantaged and the Elderly | Southwest Florida | Good Wheels


Once approved, simply follow our instructions to make reservations for transportation when needed.
Good Wheels… we’re here to help!


Signing up for transportation with Good Wheels is easy!

But first, you need to know which program you are eligible for. The following programs are available.

Transportion Disadvantaged Program (TD)

This program is for those who because of physical or mental disability, income status or age (either young or old) are unable to transport themselves or to purchase transportation; or for children who are disabled or at-risk. As a result, they are dependent upon others to obtain access to health care, employment, education, shopping, social activities or other life sustaining activities. TD service is available anywhere within Lee, Hendry and Glades counties. TD transportation reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

To become eligible to receive TD service, you must fill out an application and provide proof of your pre-tax household income. There is a small co-pay – currently $2.00 per trip each one-way trip. This must be paid in cash with exact change since our drivers do not make change. Personal Care Attendants and children under the age of eighteen are not required to pay.

Medicaid HMO

Transportation is also available under the Medicaid Program.

If you belong to an HMO insurance company, you must contact them directly for medical trips. They will then contact Good Wheels or another company to bring you to your appointment. But if you would like to go to any non-medical destination: food store, a visit to family or friends, etc. fill out an application to see if you are eligible.

Private Pay

If you are not eligible for determination as disadvantaged, or if you are not using Medicaid, you may still pay for and utilize Good Wheels for your transportation needs. Simply call to make your reservation and let the operator know that you are “Private Pay”.

**Co-pay tickets are available for purchase either weekly or monthly and can be bought through our finance department at 239-768-2900 ext. 211. We accept checks, credit cards or money orders. If you choose to pay your co-pay when you board the vehicle, it must be exact change only. Our drivers do not make change.

Make a Reservation

Call between the hours of 9am and 5pm.

Reservations for Transportation Disadvantaged (TD) trips must be made at least 3 days in advance.

(239) 768-2900 ext. 505

(or ext. 503 for Spanish speakers)

Passenger Policies

Cancellation and No-Show PolicyNo-shows and cancellations continue to be a major concern here at Good Wheels. No-shows and cancellations “waste” about 20% of our available customer seats and resources. Please remember when you reserve a ride, you reserve a seat, and someone else may not be able to get on the bus. No-shows and cancellations also waste money and cause everyone to wait longer than necessary.CancellationAccording to the policy in the Transportation Disadvantaged Service Plan (TDSP), a cancellation is defined as “a trip reservation made but cancelled more than an hour prior to the drivers’ arrival”. Cancellations are OK, and we appreciate you calling us in advance as long as they don’t become routine occurrences.No-ShowsAccording to the policy in the Transportation Disadvantaged Service Plan (TDSP), a no-show is defined as “when a passenger fails to cancel their pick-up arrangement more than one hour prior to the drivers’ arrival”. Repeated no-shows could lead to you losing your ridership privileges.Too many cancellations and no-shows could cause you to lose your riding privileges.Mobility DevicesGood Wheels, Inc. is very committed to transporting passengers to their very important medical appointments and other essential services. As valuable passengers of Good Wheels, we would appreciate your help and support in a very important area. We are concerned about passenger safety while riding our vehicles.When traveling in a motor vehicle, it is generally safest to transfer to a vehicle seat and use the vehicle restraint system that complies with the federal safety standards. Your wheelchair can then be secured and stored. If transferring is not possible, or if the rider needs the support of the wheelchair seating system, it is very important to secure the wheelchair to the vehicle and to restrain the rider into the wheelchair with crash-tested restraints.

  • Wheelchairs: Wheelchairs must be in proper working order, including the brake system because faulty breaks prohibit the ability of the wheelchair to be safely secured on our vehicles. All wheelchairs must be secured using a four-point tie-down system. The four-point securement system consists of one strap on each corner of the wheelchair. The passenger must also be secured using the lap and shoulder belts.
  • Scooters: We are unable to transport clients in or on scooters because they cannot be secured safely in our vehicles. Passengers who ride in scooters must be able to transfer to a seat or use an approved wheelchair when being transported by Good Wheels, Inc.
  • Walkers, Canes, and Crutches: Passengers who use or depend on walkers, canes, or crutches will be assisted by the driver while boarding and disembarking from the vehicle. This is necessary for the safety of the passengers.
  • Child Safety Car Seats: Good Wheels wants to protect all our young passengers from injury and comply with the laws of the state that require children under age 4 and those weighing less than 40lbs. to be securely fastened in an approved safety seat. All Good Wheels vehicles have at least one child safety car seat on each vehicle. If you are traveling with a small child, you are required to provide an approved child safety car seat for your child as the one on the vehicle may already be occupied.
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    Smoking is prohibited on all Good Wheels vehicles.Exact copay must be paid when boarding. Drivers do not make change.  Co-pays are required by the State of Florida. Drivers are to note the name of any TD client who does not pay the co-pay. Reservations will contact all clients indicated as not paying and inform them they must pay or we will not be able to schedule rides.Eating and drinking are prohibited in all Good Wheels vehicles.No littering in the vehicles.No radios, cassette tape or CD players, or sound-generating equipment are to be played aloud aboard the vehicle. Riders must use earphones or headphones when using these types of devices.All passengers are required to wear seatbelts including shoulder belts for wheelchair clients.Good Wheels cannot make same-day changes to reservations.Unscheduled stops are not allowed (for example, stopping at convenience stores for drinks, stopping at pharmacies for prescriptions, etc.). Drivers are only allowed to make stops at destinations listed on their manifests. Due to safety concerns, Good Wheels may modify the exact pick-up or drop-off location.Violent, disruptive or illegal behavior will not be tolerated. The passengers who are physically or verbally abusive to drivers or other passengers, or are otherwise disruptive, will be subject to disciplinary actions which may lead to suspension of service. If necessary, Good Wheels staff will contact the appropriate law enforcement authorities to have a disruptive individual removed from the vehicle.Service Animals may ride at no additional charge, but must be properly controlled. Service animals must remain at the owner’s feet or on the owner’s lap. A service animal cannot sit on a vehicle seat or obstruct aisles, doors and steps in order to facilitate safe boarding. Riders are responsible for the behavior and hygiene needs of the service animal. Service can be refused or discontinued if a service animal is seriously disruptive or violent.


    Just Some of the Clients We Serve…

  • Children with cerebral palsy and other serious conditions in both Lee and Collier Counties
  • Disadvantaged, either physically or economically, or both: taking to medical appointments which are primarily dialysis or chemotherapy appointments,  in Lee, Hendry, and Glades Counties
  • Medicaid Clients: taking  to medical appointments in Collier, Lee, Hendry, and Glades Counties. Some of these trips are to Miami and Tampa for chemotherapy
  • Day Care for seniors
  • After school programs for disadvantaged children in Hendry County
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  • Food shopping for those living in Moore Haven (a food “desert”), Lake Park and Buckhead (all in Glades County)
  • Transportation from Clewiston to Belle Glade, where there is a University and a connection to Palm Tran for transit to anywhere in Palm Beach County
  • After School Program at the Y in Bonita Springs for disadvantaged children
  • Charter bus service to organizations
  • Charter school service
  • Lee Memorial Hospitals: taking patients home
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